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​​​​​114,000 people are waiting for transplanted organs.

Our Mission

The New Organ Research Alliance is a network of hundreds of scientists, engineers, and researchers working to accelerate the day when engineered tissues and organs are readily available for patients in need.

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The New Organ Research Alliance (NORA) exists to save lives by accelerating the day when we can engineer new tissues and organs for patients in need. To achieve this goal we create new incentives and opportunities to help researchers overcome the challenges ahead. We organize a bioengineering road-map of challenge topics and potential enabling technologies toward ending the organ shortage. And we host workshops to encourage multi-disciplinary collaboration on identifying, characterizing, and accelerating solutions to these challenges.

our Road-Map

The New Organ Alliance’s Bioengineering Road-map to Ending the Organ Shortage exists to help coordinate and accelerate cutting edge research that may lead to the capabilities needed to engineer new tissues and organs for patients in need. The roadmap identifies overarching research strategies and challenges toward producing these products. It also identifies innovative enabling technologies that may help in overcoming these challenges. We use this road-map to help coordinate innovative research efforts among our partners.

OUR Programs

The New Organ Alliance creates programs to help accelerate innovative research on specific challenges ahead in bioengineering tissues or organs. We have partnered with NASA, CASIS, the Methuselah Foundation, and others to lead prize programs of over $1,700,000, and have hosted National Science Foundation Workshops to accelerate our work.

New Organ
LIVER Engineering PRIZE

This prize challenged scientists worldwide to bio-engineer a liver. It attracted fourteen teams who committeed to pursuing the challenge.


This challenge rallies scientists worldwide to produce viable thick-tissue assays that can be used to advance research on human physiology.


This award furthers the capability of tissue engineering scientists to utilize the micro-gravity environment in their thick-tissue vascularization research.

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