Tissue Maturation Challenges



  • Define which cell types are actually required to begin with for tissue maturation from each research strategy. Are all cell types required to start with or can they differentiate naturally once the process is begun?

    • Endothelial (sinusoidal, vascular)
    • Hepatocyte
    • Cholangiocyte
    • Other Parenchymal Cells?
  • What is the appropriate flow rate for media through a liver construct?
  • Do you need to provide some mild toxins to maintain hepatocyte function during tissue maturation?
  • How do you manage Bile extraction during tissue maturation?
  • How do you mimic the native liver pressure differentials between different vessels during tissue maturation?
  • Improve understanding of oxygen differentials between different vessels in the liver to mimic native liver functions during tissue maturation.
  • How long is a liver construct required to be cultured prior to implantation? Is a minimum time acceptable to demonstrate adequate differentiation of cells or is a longer time required to prove function?

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