integration challenges



  • Identify means by which cardiomyocytes can functionally and electrically integrate into host cardiac tissue following differentiation from pluripotent stem cells. Studies from the laboratory of Charles Murry have done some preliminary work showing that long term integration of replacement cardiomyocytes from pluripotent stem cells is possible, but that arrhythmias are a possibility.
  • Examine means by which stem cell-derived vasculature (endothelial cells) can be used to perfuse host tissues or perfuse new stem cell-derived tissues. Work can be done in the realm to 3D printing to attempt to produce vasculature with lumen-like structures that could carry oxygenated blood to host tissues.
  • Longer term, but could stem cell-derived Purkinje cells/conduction network cells be developed to reinnervate the heart following myocardial ischemia or infarction?
  • How will innervation of new tissues be stimulated, particular with regard to vagus nerve function?
  • Delivery modality of engineered tissue to promote integration and vascular anastomosis (epicardial patch vs intramuscular vs intracoronary delivery).

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