Immune Tolerance Challenges



  • Identify “population level, master Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (hiPSC) lines” that can provide a source of cardiovascular cell types that is immunocompatable with the largest number of individuals in a given population. In other words, can such a “master” hiPSC line be used to derive cardiovascular cells that be used for treatment in multiple individuals, as opposed to the economically less feasible “personalized” hiPSC production on an individual-to-individual basis?
  • Identify means by which residual hiPSCs can be completely and safely eliminated during the differentiation process, as these cells can cause immune intolerance and potentially oncogenesis if left behind in the differentiation process.
  • Integrate the knowledge base and experience of transplant researchers, particularly with regard to organ viability and immune tolerance, and any breakthroughs in the organ transplant immunology space can apply to the tissue engineering problem.  This includes advances in xeno-transplantation, HLA editing, etc.

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