cell sourcing challenges



  • Determine whether it’s feasible to cultivate cells from the patient, off the shelf cells from human sources, or xeno-sourced cells.  What are the survivability and stress tolerance standards that cells must meet to be seriously considered as a possibility?
  • Identify methods of scaling up cardiomyocyte production from pluripotent stem cell differentiation. How can we mass produce hiPSC-CMs in a reactor-based format that incorporates self-selection to purify cardiomyocytes during the differentiation process?
  • Identify novel cell surface markers for stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes that can allow for the specific identification, selection, and sorting of cardiomyocytes during the cardiomyocyte differentiation process from stem cells.
  • Identify other support cells that may be important for hiPSC-CM function. Besides hiPSC-CMs and endothelial cells, what is the role of other cell types that should be potentially incorporate (i.e. fibroblasts, pericytes, smooth muscle cells, mesenchymal stem cells)

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