2015 Bioengineering
Roadmapping Summit

Month 1-1, 2015 at the

Place, Town , State


This workshop gathered 100 scientific, government, industry, and philanthropic leaders interested in advancing biomedical engineering and regenerative medicine breakthrough technologies to address organ disease. Participants defined key challenges at the scientific and system level to provide solutions to organ disease; identified enabling technologies and quantitative milestones that could be used in directing future research efforts and prize targets; and examined tools and innovation models that can be used to achieve the science and engineering targets. Specifically the workshop helped the bio-engineering research community:

  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of their respective views on critical rate limiters, promising research areas, key enabling technologies, quantitative research identifiers, and opportunities for collaboration including public/private partnerships.
  2. Learn more about the range of incentivized innovation models that can be used to accelerate solutions toward their challenge target(s) of interest.
  3. Understand the overlapping objectives and collaboration opportunities between agencies, academia, industry, and philanthropy.


Overall, this workshop kicked off the New Organ Alliance’s long-term road-mapping initiative to help guide and accelerate innovative research toward producing viable tissues and organs for patients in need.

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