Wake Forest Researchers Awarded First and Second Prizes in NASA Tissue Engineering Challenge

Teams across the country have been competing for years to be the first to engineer functional human tissue in a lab. Now, scientists have accomplished this medical feat by creating thick vascularized human organ tissue, which could have profound implications both on Earth and off.  Join us LIVE on Wednesday, June 9 at 3:00 p.m. […]

VTC Workshop Video Recap

The Vascular Tissue Challenge Roadmapping Workshop examined in great detail the state of the art technology in thick-tissue vascularization and 3D tissue engineering. As well as mapping out the pathways, milestones, and challenges towards ending the organ shortage benefiting from these technologies. The workshop gathered together a diverse network of experts in tissue engineering, microgravity […]

Nasa Challenge Aims to Grow Human Tissue to Aid in Deep Space Exploration

NASA, in partnership with the nonprofit Methuselah Foundation’s New Organ Alliance, is seeking ways to advance the field of bioengineering through a new prize competition. The Vascular Tissue Challenge offers a $500,000 prize to be divided among the first three teams that successfully create thick, metabolically-functional human vascularized organ tissue in a controlled laboratory environment. […]

Nasa Announces Plans for New Medical Frontier Challenge

NASA Wants Your Help! NASA is carrying forward its mission to reach out to new frontiers with the announcement today of plans for a “Vascular Tissue Challenge”, a $500,000 prize to be given to the team who can first develop vascular thick tissue that will lay the basis for treatments ranging everywhere from new tissue for […]